Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yes Virginia, There Really is a Mafia

We'd love to believe that organized crime is a vestige of the Bad Old Days, something we read about in the history books or watch in documentaries.

We'd love to believe that organized crime is more entertainment than reality, which is why we enjoy shows like "The Sopranos" or movies like "Goodfellas" and "The Godfather" flicks.

And we'd love to believe that organized crime doesn't in anyway threaten or affect us, that it's just something ... over there ... something that only "those people" who we'll never meet are involved in. It will never, ever touch our lives.

Oh, how wrong we are. Organized crime still exists in NYC. It's what brought down Bernie Kerick and, today, led to a massive sweep by state and federal officials. It touches us in ways we can't imagine or rarely think about. But it's there. A constant, evil presence.

In Big Mob Sweep, Gambino Leaders Are Indicted

So let's never forget, however much we idealize this city here at Mr NYC, that organized crime and the other cancers that threaten our common good, are still out there. And we must always be vigilant.


  1. ok,so i am reading this almost a year and a few months after the original posting, but i totally agree with you!!! Virginians have no idea. i am a Jersey girl, (born in Brooklyn NY but grew up most my life in nj and now live in NoVA). They ( = Virginians) think its all entertainment and not real!! i can't tell you how many Italian families i knew who owned "construction" or "waste management" businesses who used that as a cover up for other activities. enough said!

  2. Okay I know this is like 4 years after this was posted but I live in Virginia and I know all lot about Mafia's and what its really like. I knoe many people who think its just like the movies but I know WELL enough its not...B/C i know people who were in it & dead now. Im even related to Al Capone. So dont think Virginia is completely naïve


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