Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back Home

Ahhh! After spending most of this past week working like a dog in a dreary London suburb, it's a joy to be back in NYC. Got in late last night and am trying to avoid jet lag. Fortunately my flight to the UK and back home were both on time and uneventful (thus no traveling nightmares to report). This was NOT a vacation so the wonders of the UK were largely denied me this time. Oh well.

However, I did get to do two very (for me) fun things: see Jeremy Irons in the play Never So Good at the National Theatre (review to follow) and check out the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms near the Houses of Parliament. If you're a history buff and are ever in London, you must check this museum out: its recreates the actual rooms and offices where Churchill and his people basically ran World War II from.

You see his offices, the rooms he and his wife and generals slept in, the communications centers, map rooms, everything. The Churchill Museum exhibits absolutely everything about Churchill's life. The coolest feature in a huge interactive table in the middle of the museum where you can press on electronic panels (indicated by year) that pulls up nearly everything Churchill in that year, down to the day. It's really amazing. They also show footage from his funeral in 1965 (that includes shots of a very Young Prince Charles) and Churchill's Nobel Prize for Literature. If you though you knew everything there is to know about Old Winston, you'll learn a lot more if you ever go here.

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  1. I believe that Jeremy Irons play is coming to Broadway soon. I've always been a big fan so I can't wait to see it.


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