Monday, September 1, 2008

Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge ...

Well here I go showing my age again. Do any of you remember seeing these ads for Mount Airy Lodge back in the 1980s? You might recall the refrain:

"All you have to bring is your love of everything ... beautiful Mount Airy Lodge ..."

I never went there myself but Mount Airy Lodge was a classic Poconos resort where middle class couples from the city used to go for long weekends and honeymoons. Apparently it was a rather kitchy romantic getaway with heart shaped tubs and ceilings above the bed and stuff like that. People like Bob Hope and Milton Berle used to headline there back in the glory days. Obviously those days are long, long past and places like Mount Airy Lodge are no longer economically viable.

Mount Airy Lodge closed in 2001 and it was literally stripped bare and its entire contents sold at auction. (People were actually making bids and taking home the heart shaped tubs!) Now it's some kind of casino. How dreary.

So here's my tribute to Mount Airy Lodge, a part of the old New York world that we never really appreciated until it was gone.


  1. I was singing the song in my head before I even hit play :)

    I remember a guy telling me about one of his encounters in a heart shaped tub in the 90s while I seethed with jealously, lol.

  2. Was the jealously over the guy or the heart-shaped tub? :)


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