Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Will the Financial Crises do to Dating in NYC?

Scoring chicks in this town has always been a cutthroat game -- and the switchblade most guys wield is money. New York City women like guys with money. Why shouldn't they? What woman dreams about shacking up with a poor guy? And the more money a guy has, the more hot women he can get. No romance without finance. It's as simple as that.

The reason guys work like dogs is so that they can makes lots of money in order to get chicks. Big surprise. But now, with the our city and nation's financial system in meltdown, with stocks and 401(K)s and IRAs and all sorts of financial portfolios hemorrhaging like crazy, lots of guys are losing lots of money ... and let's not be surprised if they start losing lots of hot chicks.

This isn't just some snarky though on my part. The Daily News has a wonderful article about this very phenomenon today.

Hard economic times hits the High End Girlfriend Index

Think about it: florists, jewelers, limo drivers, liquor stores -- the businesses that depend on guys like this, are going to take enormous hits. And that's who I feel really sorry for.

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  1. Not to behave snarkily but the four professions you stated always had a tough life: florists, jewelers, limo drivers, liquor stores.

    What happened in the last few years is that their numbers expanded beyond all rational reason, and now they will go back to reason whatever that means.

    I still feel very sorry for most of them but they did not have a sustainable business model.


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