Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Battle of Long Island Part II

Our dueling presidential candidates are going to be at Hofstra University tonight, squabbling about which one of them is best suited to lead the free world.

Call this the Battle of Long Island Part II. The last one was in 1776 between George Washington and William Howe. This one is between John McCain and Barack Obama and, thankfully, no one will get killed in this one.

Well, maybe politically one of them will. This is one of John McCain's last chances to "turn this thing around." He must say something so brilliant that it wins over the mushy middle and/or Obama must say something so damaging that it torpedoes him with this same demo.

Right now Obama is a thumpin' the grouchy old man in the polls but, as the pundits say, the only poll that really counts is the one on election day.

Good luck to them both (well, not really but let's not go there).

Hofstra debate cards: McCain vs. Obama

Hofstra's hosting of debate a costly affair

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  1. I was seriously disappointed when the abuse of power issue didn't rear its head.


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