Friday, October 31, 2008

Plumbing the Depths of Liberal Anxiety

New York City is, as we know, a very liberal city. Hopelessly liberal, some might say. We New Yorkers have come to accept that, as Woody Allen said in Annie Hall, the rest of America views us as "left-wing, communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers."

Even our Republicans are liberal (see Rudy, see Mike, see George). We've come to accept that we're not part of mainstream America. We accept our second class American citizenship. And we accept that, for the most part in recent decades, the people we support for president
don't win.

So that's why our heads are spinning right now. We look at the polls and see a black liberal Democrat leading and Democrats poised, yet again, to sweep the Congress, and none of us can believe it. It must be a giant ruse, a nasty joke, a con-game by the media and right-wing. And like the good liberals we are, we're all very depressed about it.

Our neurosis even invades the headlines:

Liberals Worry as Election Approaches

Democrats' gloom deepens

How else would a good liberal feel? Or maybe ... just maybe ... just possibly ... miraculously ... after years and years in exile, New York City is suddenly part of mainstream America! Could it really be true? In about 100 hours or so, we'll know.

A few notes to both my loyal readers:

Mr NYC will be on hiatus this weekend -- life events are stealing me away from the beloved keyboard. But I'll be back next week to blog on the history in the making.

This blog hasn't been as NYC-centric in the last few days and weeks and I apologize for that. Once the election is over, we'll get this blog (like American hopefully will be) back on track.

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  1. NYC centric or not, your posts are always enjoyable and highly informative. Good luck with whatever it is that's taking you away from the keyboard this weekend!


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