Friday, January 23, 2009

Big News Day in New York

More like New York State rather than NYC -- although NYC is in New York State, isn't it?

Anyway, Caroline Kennedy will not be replacing Hillary Clinton in the US Senate. Camelot will not be resurrected in the Empire State for now. Instead, Governor Patterson chose Kirsten Gillibrand, an upstate Congresswoman, to fill the seat once held by now Secretary of State Clinton and, before her , Daniel Patrick Moynihan, James Buckley, and Robert F. Kennedy. Those are some big metaphorical shoes to fill so let's wish her well.

The Senator-designate is 42 years old, has two young children, and (if I may be a man for a moment) is easily the most attractive Senator we've probably ever had. Now we all just have to get used to saying her name correctly (it's Kur-sten Gilly-brand, not Kristin Gillebrand).

Some other big news: the former State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno was indicted today. Apparently he was steering state contracts to businesses that paid him consulting fees. The usual pay-for-play, back-scratching political stuff. While I realize a New York State official (or former off
icial) getting indicted isn't really news but this one is particularly sad: Joe is in his eighties and his wife died a year or so ago so. Can't help feeling bad for the guy. Hope justice is served but that he doesn't end his days in jail.

So it's never boring in New York. And hey, that's why we live here.

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