Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flight 151

Pubs are one of the staples of city life. You know the places. You walk in and its your typical bar and then, a little farther back, are booths and tables where you can get a burger and brew.

Most of these places in NYC are a dime a dozen. However, this weekend some pals and I went to Flight 151, a pub in Chelsea, and really enjoyed it. As its name denotes, it's a pub devoted to ... aviation. It's got an airplane theme, and while this might sound tacky, this joint actually makes it cool. They have lots of airplane, airplane, and airport signs and swag on the walls. Best of all, you go into the bathroom and hear, over some speakers ... jet engine noise ... and occasionally an airline attendant's voice comes over -- sounding like an airline attendant than a real airline attendant -- who tells you to make sure the toilet seat is in an upright position or some other such witty thing. This might sound kinda silly but it's actually endearing.

Another cool thing: on the tables, they have paper place mats and cups of crayons so that you and your friends can draw wacky pictures while awaiting your food (the drunker you get, the more interesting the pictures I suppose). My friends and I had a lot of fun drawing stuff and feeling like we were back in kindergarten.

The food at Flight 151 is pretty good and they have a fine selection of beer. Best of all, the service was really good and friendly which made the experience all the better. So if you're ever in Chelsea with some friends and want to hang out, Flight 151 is a great find.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, reminds me of that bar Idlewild that closed down a while ago. I think that one actually had refurbished airplane seats!


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