Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good to be Mike, Bad to be Bernie

So obviously the big news around town today is that Bernie Madoff, Ponzi-scheme mastermind extrodinaire, is finally in the poky. He pleaded guilty to all charges and will be sentenced on June 16th, probably to life in prison. The death penalty would be too good for this SOB.

This is a tragedy of such huge proportions, with such massive ramifications in the lives of its victims, that sarcasm and snarky comments feel inappropriate. It wasn't just a lot of rich folks who lost money -- it was regular, hard working people who saved, invested, thought they were doing the right thing by their futures and then ... poof ... alll gone ... Let's just hope these people can find some peace in their lives.

One person most definitely not victimized by Bernie was our Mayor Mike. He not only didn't lose money last year but, when everyone else's financial portfolio was tanking, his went UP. According to Forbes, he's now worth &16 billion, making him the richest as well as the most powerful man in NYC.

It's Mike's city, we just live in it.

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