Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gotta Love New Yorkers ... but not the MTA

I can't count the number of times that I've been stuck on a stalled subway train. It's one of the hazards of living in this town.

So Friday night, I'm heading to Queens on the N train and, just as we're about to hit Queensboro Plaza, the train stalls ... and we're waiting ... and waiting ... then the conductor announces that the W train before us, the one that just left Queensboro Plaza, has activated its emergency breaks so nothing is moving ... we pull into Queensboro Plaza and are told to leave the train. So I get off in the mad rush, leave the station, and start the long trek down 31st street. Then, suddenly, I see on the elevated train track above me, that the W train has un-stalled and is moving ... so I rush like mad to the 39th street staation, go up to the platform ... and am able to catch the train that I had gotten off just minutes before. So basically I caught the same train twice.


Anyway, what impressed me then, as it always does on a stalled train, is how cool and calm my fellow New Yorkers and subway passengers are when subway snaffus happen. They accept it, don't make any noise, don't yell and scream, don't get emotional ... they just keep reading, listening to their eye pods, or spinning thoughts in their heads, and deal with the problems. The cliche about New Yorkers is that we're rude and pushy but, in reality, most New Yorkers are considerate and thoughtful.

Just wish the MTA treated its passengers with the same kind of respect most New Yorkers show for one another.

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