Monday, February 15, 2010

Blind Date with a Legend

Ever had a blind date?

Many of us have. Sometimes they become great love stories. Most times they are the first and last date for their participants.

And then there's that blind date that becomes a "I knew [insert pronoun] once."

Such was the case for a young New York woman in 1946 when she had a blind date with a slightly older man. The date was sweet but a love affair it was not meant to be. Off her gentlemen caller went and life ground on for this young lady, who later married and had a good life.

But one day she heard there was a short story published that seemed to be about their date and this lady got chills. The blind date had become a quite famous writer and he had obviously mined their one meeting for his material. And what was the blind date/writer's name?

JD Salinger.

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