Wednesday, February 10, 2010

V-Day in NYC

Yes, that's right, it's here again, that most wonderful time of the year -- Valentine's Day.

February 14th is just days away, and I know how excited you all are. Married people, people in relationships, and those living-in-sin are now obligated to spend money on their significant others while those who are still single can either feel depressed that they're alone -- or be happy that they're saving money.

Ta-mato, toe-mato, I suppose.

My lady and I have our own Valentine's Day ritual but for those of you wondering what to do on this upcoming V-Day weekend, GoNYC has links to comprehensive info about romantic restaurants, bars, hotspots, even chocolate stores where you and your l'object d'amour can celebrate together. In these tough times, you'll not only be warming each others hearts but you'll also be pumping some much needed cash into the ailing NYC economy.

And talking about pumping, you might want to visit NYC Condoms for info about playing it safe this Valentine's Day.

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