Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free Steven Slater!

Here in NYC, this biggest new story of the day concerns one Steven Slater, until yesterday an anonymous flight attendant for JetBlue from Queens.

Apparently, as a flight from Pittsburgh he was working landed at JFK airport yesterday, a woman passenger stood up during the taxing and started to get her bag down from the overhead compartment. This is, as anyone who flies knows, a big no-no. Slater told the woman repeatedly to sit back down but she wouldn't heel. Instead this nasty bitch cursed him out and actually hit him in the head with her bag.

That's when it got cool.

Instead of taking her crap, Slater went on the plane's intercom and allegedly cursed her out: "To the f-----g a--hole who told me to f--k off, it's been a good 28 years." Then he opened the plane door, grabbed a couple of beers from the beverage cart, activated the emergency-evacuation shoot, and slid down off the plane. Then he got his car from the airport, drove home, and proceeded to bang his boyfriend silly. It was at that point that the cops surrounded his house and busted him. Talk about coitus interruptus.

And now Steven Slater is on Rikers, facing up to seven years in prison.

This is an injustice! This man, this veteran flight attendant, was literally attacked by a belligerent, dangerous passenger. She started this situation and Mr. Slater decided to end it -- in style. No, he probably shouldn't be a flight attendant anytime again soon, but he was the victim and this woman was the perpetrator -- she should be prosecuted, not him.

No jury in the world will convict him.

Fortunately many others share my opinion. Today, Steven Slater is a hero and there are Facebook pages and comments section galore paying tribute to a man who stood up to the Man, who wouldn't take being treated in a sub-human way and struck back. This dude is awesome. And he should be released right now -- and his attacker should take his place in the poky.

And what I love the most about this guy is that, one his way to the slide, he grabbed a couple of beers. Talk about a cool flourish.

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  1. Well, Slater's story is not as simple as it seemed originally. I agree with one thing though: grabbing beers on his way to the slide was one very cool touch.


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