Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's Going On?

Oy vey! Has it really been two weeks?

I guess so. I was out of town last week and, in the days just before leaving and after coming back, have been "mad" busy. Thus the blog was out of my mind, if not my heart.

And it looks like much has been going on in NYC since my last post. I almost feel like a stranger in my own town. Besides this "Gound Zero Mosque" controversy that keeps raging (and feels like it will never end), lots of other interesting stuff has been goin' on -- mostly concerning real estate?

Like the new proposed skyscraper for West 34th street that will rival the Empire State Building in size and scope and will alter the city's skyline. Mayor Bloomberg supports it, the City Council just approved it and, besides the owners of the ESB and some community groups screaming about it being an eyesore, most New Yorkers don't seem to have a problem with it. This includes me. After all, this city is already so overbuilt, what's yet another huge building? And considering that Ground Zero remains desolate and unbuilt (proposed "mosques" not withstanding), who can complain about some folks who can actually give this city another big office building?

Talking about office buildings, did you know that some renters and buyers of commercial real estate are demanding that it be feni shuied? No really, they are. New York, New York: If you can make it here, you can feng shui it.

And even though the housing market in the rest of the country still sucks, here in NYC it's apparently doing just dandy. People are still spending fortunes to live in NYC and it's still a boom market.

That's probably good news to some Queen's College students which just opened its first dorm. Saves the rent on an apartment.

One person who's having some trouble affording NYC these days is one of its most beloved icons -- Woody Allen. In a recent interview he said that he's been making movies his movies in Europe the last few years because the city's gotten too expensive to shoot in. Some people are disputing this claim and say Woody's wrong -- and please let's hope they're right, since NYC without Woody Allen would be a sad place indeed.

Yes, as the summer of 2010 winds down, it looks like real estate and money still rule in NYC. So what's going on in NYC? Nothing much new.

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