Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Lady is Not a Tramp

She's probably the hottest name in music today and -- in this increasingly segmented, niche-driven, eclectic marketplace -- she's that elusive White Whale of the music business: a brand new, universally beloved pop star.

She's also a native New Yorker and only 24 years old.

Of course I'm talking about Lady Gaga, the first big female pop star of the 21st century, probably the biggest one to come along since Brittany Spears in the late '90s and Madonna in the mid '80s. Her music is everywhere and her bizarre appearance and outfits are splashed all over magazine covers, TV, and the Internet.

You can't get away from this broad: every single time I'm at the gym, her music is blasting. Every time I'm in a department or grocery store, it accompanies my shopping. I'll be riding on the subway and it'll be bleeding through some chick's IPod headphones. Even my mother asked me: "What is a Lady Gaga?"

I told her I had no idea.

But what I do know is that Lady Gaga is a New York creation through and through. This month Vanity Fair has a huge "tell all" interview and profile of her. You can read a preview of it here and, if you're so inclined, actually buy the magazine to read more. Perhaps the most shocking thing she tells the readers: she's celibate. She eschews the nooky. Considering that one of the lyrics of one of her songs is "I want your disease", I'm shocked. I guess she really is a lady after all.

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