Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Primary Endorsements

Tomorrow is primary day in advance of the 2010 state and federal elections. A bunch of people are running for various offices which I previously wrote about and now here are my endorsements (or lack thereof):

US Senate: what's interesting is that both senators this year are up for re-election (Kristin Gillibrand is running to complete the rest of Hillary Clinton's term) and yet they have no serious opposition. I haven't paid any attention to the Republican candidates so I don't care who wins those primaries and endorse no one.

Governor: I heartily endorse Carl Palidino for the Republican nomination to run against Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Palidino is so extreme, so wacked out, so replellent that he will lose the general election in landslide -- so Republican voters, please vote for him.

Congressional 14: This is the only local primary that I'll be able to vote in and I will happily vote to re-nominate Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney. She has represented the rather unusual district of the Upper East Side and Astoria, Queens for 18 years. She has been a leader this year in pushing for financial reform and women's pay equality and I have heard nary of bad word about her except from her rather odd opponent. So Carolyn has earned my endorsement.

New York State Attorney General: this one has left me stumped. There are so many good, credible candidates in this race on the Democratic side that it's hard to know who to vote for. I really like Assemblyman Richard Brodsky who has fought to reform and make the public authorities more transparent. State Senator Eric Schneiderman is very impressive too, he's one of the few ethical leaders in Albany. And Nassau DA Kathleen Rice is good too. I'm going to go with Rice in this race, she's been a very impressive DA, really cracked down on drunk driving and has managed to attract crosover support. I think she's the strongest Democrat in what will be a tough year for the party so I say go for her.

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