Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ed Koch in Real Life

It's Sunday in NYC, the Christian day of rest, and a day where we New Yorkers who are blessed not to have to work are free to choose the day's agenda. For many that includes brunch with friends and family, going to museums, strolling in the park, hitting the gym, or just "vegging" on the couch at the home. It also usually means errands: shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc. to prepare for the week.

So it's interesting to read about what Ed Koch likes to do on his Sundays. Twenty-years out of the Mayor's job, at 85 years old, the ex-Mayor likes to spend his Sundays doing a lot of those types of things as well -- although he gets up much earlier than most other New Yorkers (6:30 AM!) and spends a fair amount of the day writing his columns.

Call it Ed Koch in Real (political) Life: even though he's long out of office, he still needs to use part of every day to shape the public debate and play politics. Once a politician, always a politician, I guess, even on a low-key Sunday in NYC (although he likes to go to the Met so at least that redeems him somewhat).

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