Monday, November 1, 2010

Interview: Anonymous

Recently I blogged about how structurally corrupt our city government has become. Many of us think think this corruption doesn't affect our daily lives but, in fact, it does. Here is one story in our city of eight million. It is an outrageous story of police corruption and how a good, innocent person was screwed. For the sake of privacy and safety, I am keeping this person's identity secret.

So tell us your story.

I feel the need to share this with the public. People need to have this brought to their attention.

Last month I went to traffic court for a simple traffic violation (improper cell phone use), when in fact I was pulled over and the police witnessed no such action.

I went to court with a copy of my itemized bill showing the judge I was not using it. What shocked me to my core was the false testimony the cop gave: “I observed her talking with her left hand to her left ear." Because I went into shock over the blatant lie, I argued (probably not to my benefit) and still lost the case, having to cough up to those criminals $80 bucks so I can still keep my license. When I showed the judge my proof she completely ignored it. Here is what I’m pissed about ... I'm deaf in my left ear! I’m appealing the charge to the Traffic Court but it makes me angry as hell (as I read countless events online that police perjury is out of control and it affects us all, innocent and guilty alike).

What is the status of the case now?

Closed after the judge found me to be "guilty" with no explanation but reduced the $185 fine down to $80 and it had to get paid or else my license would be suspended. When I asked the judge to explain after I gave her my proof, she said, "This is my decision. If you don't agree appeal it." Of course I see now why she said it, it costs 10$ to file the appeal and another $50 to have the hearing transcribed, and then evaluated.

Have you called your city councilman or local representatives?

No, I didn’t realize I can, nor would they be interested. What can they do?

What message do you want to send to New Yorkers about what happened?

How police officers abuse their positions as law enforcers and it is a known fact police TESTI-LIE in court, just Google police and perjury and you should see the countless pages that come up. What is annoying is I didn't tell the judge at the time that I have hearing loss in the left ear cause I felt that was violating my privacy, and i was sure enough that the proof from my cellular statement will show I was not engaged in a call. I was so angry at that time because a) I wasn’t equipped with the proper "court/ law" wording and b) I was just a civilian who was taken advantage of by the system we empower to protect us. I can't even put a complaint on the officer directly because the system also says while they allow for complaints to be filed and if the complaint is investigated and revealed their was no error on the police officer, he IN TURN can file a complaint against you, and if you are found to be guilty, guess what -- JAIL TIME! I’m far from guilty, but what do you think the odds would be in my favor, when the police officer pulls me over in my gray BMW, harasses my sister why she has two PBA CARDS (police benevolent cards, like "get out of jail car" an officer gives you as a courtesy to show to officers you have an "in") when my sister told him to call the officers to vouch for us he didn’t.

Thank you for sharing your story, Anonymous. Just another example of how the powerful protect their own and the regular people are their victims.

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