Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lennon NYC

We are coming upon the sad anniversary of John Lennon's death. On December 8, 1980 a deranged fan gunned down the legendary Beatles singer in front of the Dakota on West 72nd street. Music, and the world, have never quite been the same since.

Lennon lived in NYC for almost a decade before his death and loved this city like no other. Though a native of Liverpool, England, like many a transplant to our fair city, when Lennon moved to NYC, he felt like he had come home. 

PBS is currently showing a documentary called Lennon NYC about his life here. These were tumultuous years -- Vietnam, Watergate, the financial crises, inflation, rising crime -- and through it all, Lennon's music and message of peace and love provided a ray, hopeful light during a dark, dark time. He wrote some great songs during this time and, in many ways, he became the ultimate New Yorker -- a strong, unapologetic voice fighting against the warmongering mainstream. 

Today it sometimes feel like we're living through dark times as well. This last decade has been a particularly rough one -- war, terrorism, oil spills, natural disasters, financial crises, the Bush Presidency, the Tea Party movement -- but we can listen to John Lennon's music and remember his legacy and that can help us keep the faith that things will one day get better. 

Only in New York. Imagine. 

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