Saturday, January 22, 2011

Betting Mayors

Tomorrow's Jets vs. Steelers game is shaping up to be a huge game. Whoever wins gets to go to the Superbowl. Imagine: after tomorrow, after more than 40 years, the Jets may be in the Big Game. Makes you glad you've lived this long.

So when a big championship game shapes up, the Mayors of the respective cities makes bets with each other. The rewards have usually been the losing Mayor sending the winning Mayor foods items distinctive of their cities. Or it can involve the losing Mayor wearing the jersey of the winning team at a public event. Something silly like that. 

This year the Mayor of Pittsburgh and our own Mayor have come up with an interesting bet: the losing mayor will wear the jersey of the winning team while preparing care packages for the returning soldiers from the winning city. If the Jets win tomorrow, I can't think of a better way for them to be ushered into their first Superbowl in almost half a century, then for the Mayor of Pittsburgh helping out the soldiers of NYC.

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