Saturday, January 29, 2011

Doughnut Plant

If Homer Simpson came to NYC, I'd immediately take him down to Doughnut Plant on Grand Street. 

A tiny little store, they sell big and tasty donuts along with chai teas and stuff like that. The deal is, they bake a whole bunch of donuts in the morning and then sell them all, not baking anymore. They sell organic and cake-like donuts, including chocolate pudding, hazelnut, ginger and coconut (amongst others). The owners like to mix it up, selling different kinds of donuts at various times so you never know what to expect. I recently got a square, cake organize raspberry jelly donut that was totally delicious. The hazelnut donuts were also really, really good.

The donuts aren't cheap (about $2.50 each) but they are worth the money. Mmmm ... donuts  ....

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