Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For the Love of Media

You're not anybody in this town unless you make a list. 

It's proof that you are either wealthy, famous, or powerful. It makes you important. We desperately want to have a clear, definitive, and quantifiable number of people that we can designate as the "movers and shakers" who shape the world the rest of us anonymous shlubs live in.

Hence the Observer's Media Power Couples list: these are the various lovebirds in NYC who work hard at various levels of TV, radio, magazines, books, and all things digital to push out the stuff that we the media consumers consume. Oh yes, they is important. They is the most important people in town. They're so much better than the rest of us.

And then they're not making hot media, they're making hot love!

Naturally I'm not envious of these people at all. Come to think of it, as someone who also works in media, I've very lucky to have a life partner who does not. And, of course, Mr NYC would never want to make any kind of list whatsoever. Of course not! I would hate being put on any kind of list like this.

Unless, of course, I am.  

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