Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Memo from NYC

Dear Rupert Murdoch,

Watching your pathetic testimony to the British Parliament yesterday, I could only smile and think "the bastard's finally getting what he deserves." To paraphrase Christopher Walken from that classic scene in True Romance: smarts, don't it? Getting humiliated. Screws you all up. You get that pain shootin' through your brain, your eyes fill up with water. That ain't any kind of fun. But what the world has to offer you, Rupert, that's as good as it's gonna get. And it won't ever get that good again.

Your criminal reporters in England hacked the phone of a murdered girl. Think about that. Your company basically re-victimized someone who was already dead as well as her whole family. How can you live with yourself?

Your company hacked the phones of soldiers, 9/11 victims, thousands of people both famous and not, rich and not, powerful and not. Shameful -- and illegal.

And finally the chickens are coming home to roost. Your misdeeds and those of your company are finally, truly, being repudiated by the world you've tried to control. Call yourself Rupert the Repudiated you scumbag. 

For the last thirty-plus years, Rupert, you and your sleazy "news" outlets have been dedicated to pandering to the lowest common denominator, whipping up fear and hatred and phony outrage, promoting the careers of horrible politicians while trying to destroy good ones, using the guise of "investigative journalism" and "the pursuit of truth" as an excuse to smear people you don't like, misusing the great freedom of the press this and other countries provide, and helping to make the world a meaner, more cynical place.

In this country your loathsome Fox News spews lies and reactionary propaganda that's both disgusting and, with regards to President Obama, outright racist.

Here in this town, you took The New York Post -- founded 200 years ago by Alexander Hamilton of all people! -- and turned it into a vile tabloid that nobody but morons read.

You're really nothing better than a pornographer, Rupert. Actually, you're worse -- because you're just an out and out criminal.

I can't explain the joy I'm feeling at watching you squirm and watching your company circle the drain. Hopefully you'll be forced out of News Corp, your company destroyed, you and your  henchmen (and women) will go to jail -- and Fox News will go off the air and you'll lose ownership of the Post.  

Obviously, it probably won't work out quite like that because you'll probably buy your way out of this. But Rupert, you'll never have the same power in NYC or anywhere else that you did -- and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

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