Thursday, July 28, 2011

Media Meltdown!

Well, not really, I just liked the catchy title.

Actually, there's some very good news about the news in NYC. Too whit:

1. The Murdoch scandal continues to grow and grow, now with former News Corp. executives saying that James Murdoch lied before the British Parliament. The longer this scandal goes on, and the worse it gets, the more damage it does to News. Corp (which owns The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal). Hopefully that means that Murdoch will lose control of both newspapers and that'll be a great thing for real journalism in NYC.

2. And talking about legitimate journalism, The New York Times is back! Okay, so it never went away, but two years ago it was in dire financial shape, on the verge of going out of business. But some smart moves by the paper's leaders, including the new pay wall, have apparently born financial fruit. Now the paper of record is moving towards a brighter future and this is great news for real journalism.

3. Breaking news! Fortune magazine has just published a blistering expose on its leading competitor Forbes, revealing that the magazine is in dreadful financial shape. Forbes is run by Steve Forbes, the loathsome Republican son of closeted homosexual Steve Forbes, and is a leading proponent of mean-spirited trickle-down economics. It seems that those champions of fiscal discipline aren't very good at it themselves.

4. But not all is well in the NYC media universe. Rock radio in NYC is basically dead. Last week, WRXP dumped its alternative rock format and became another boring adult contemporary station. Now there is no place to hear great bands like Foo Fighters, the Pixies, or Nine Inch Nails. The only thing left really is the classic rock station Q104.3 but that's all old stuff, not new, cutting edge music. While this might be a great victory for doctors offices and retail stores in the Tri-State area, it's loss for those who love interesting music.

So not all news is bad news -- or good. It's just the way of the world.

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