Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bloomberg: The Exit Interview

We are just days away from selecting Michael Bloomberg's successor. And in two months, NYC government will be Bloomberg-free. 

This is a very sad state of affairs -- for the media and the man himself. It's a relief for everyone else.

This "exit interview" from Forbes shows that he clearly thinks he did a great job. The city is perfect, everything's just great, and no one is really fit to replace him. All of our city's problems, according to him, are problems of "success."

And if you believe that, I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.  

Talking about selecting Bloomberg's successor ...

On election night, I strongly recommend watching NY1. They have very good, no-nonsense political coverage. Also, WNYC Radio has a wonderful Election Tracker that will bring you results from all the races as the votes start pouring in all over the city (polls close at 9 PM on election night).

It'll be exciting! 'Till Tuesday.

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