Sunday, November 24, 2013

Memo from NYC

A few years ago, a website called Stuff White People Like enjoyed an Andy Warhol moment and gained lots of buzz. Basically, it was a blog that listed and analyzed the various things that we white people supposedly love.

Problem is, the blog was inaccurate. It said that white people love things like The Wire and grinding their own coffee beans. Perhaps some white people living in Portland, Oregon or Austin, Texas or San Francisco and parts of NYC like this stuff, but let's be realistic: most white people could care less about these things.

Stuff White People Like has been dormant since 2010. I wonder where it and its creator, Christian Landor, have gone? Oh well, as a tribute to him and his creation, Mr NYC presents a short list of the Stuff White People REALLY Like:

The Tea Party
Sarah Palin
Natural Light beer
More guns
Unborn fetuses
Country Music Television
Invading Arab countries
Confederate Flags
Fox News
Even more guns
Jesus fish
Wal Mart
Government shutdowns
Even more guns
Glenn Beck
Mega churches
Pick-up trucks -- with gun racks
Voter ID laws
Vaginal probes
Saying "y'all"
Shooting defenseless animals
Movies by Mel Gibson
The 700 Club
More and more guns

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