Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election Night Live Blog

11:32  PM - Here's the run down thus far:

NYC elected its first Democratic mayor in 20 years. 

NYC elected a new Comptroller and Public Advocate, both Democrats. 

Four new borough presidents were elected in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn (3 Democrats) and Staten Island (1 Republican). The Bronx borough president (1 Democrat) was reelected. 

The City Council still has still competitive races in Howard Beach (Queens), Brighton Beach (Brooklyn), and Bayside (Queens). Otherwise there are 2 safe Republican seats and 46 safe Democratic seats. I'll update these races tomorrow.

The Manhattan DA Cy Vance (Democrat) is a safe bet for reelection. And it looks like Ken Thompson (Democrat) will finally oust Charles Hynes (Democrat turned Republican) as Brooklyn DA. 

That's the conclusion of Mr NYC's first election night live blog. Hope you enjoyed it. See you again in four years. 

11:01 PM - Referendums that has passed thus far: Civil Service Credits, Debt Limit, Land Dispute. 

11:00 PM - Ruben Diaz re-elected as Bronx Borough President. 

10:58 PM - District 32 city council race is back to being a nail-biter. Simon is leading by about 2 points. 

10:57 PM - "We all rise together." De Blasio has concluded his victory speech. 

10:55 PM - De Blasio says that inequality in NYC has been "decades in the making" but "we stand united by a shared optimism ... our toughness is unmatched, our will is unbreakable ... the road ahead will be difficult but it will be traveled."

10:52 PM - De Blasio vows to fight hospitals from becoming luxury condos. 

10:49 PM - De Blasio declares that people's success should be due to their hard work and dreams and not "their zip code."

10:48 PM - Democrat Chaim Deutsch now leading Republican Storobin in District 48. 

10:45 PM - De Blasio gives a shout out to his Italian ancestors and thanks Joe Lhota for a spirited race. Says he wants to earn the trust of those people who didn't vote for him. 

10:43 PM - De Blasio thanks his supporters.  

10:41 PM - De Blasio declares "our work is just beginning ... the people of this city have chosen a progressive path ... together as one city." Then repeats this part in Spanish. 

10:38 PM - Bill De Blasio taking the stage to deliver his victory speech.

10:37 PM - James Oddo elected Staten Island Borough President (first Republican victory of the night).

10:35 PM - Bill De Blasio's wife is introducing her husband at the victory party in Brooklyn. 

10:34 PM - Gale Brewer elected Manhattan Borough President. 

10:23 PM - In the Brighton Beach City Council race (District 48) Republican David Storobin is currently leading his Democratic and Working Families Party opponents. Scary. This will be an interesting one. 

10:18 PM - Exit polls show De Blasio winning Queens by 65%. Along with a Democrat leading an incumbent Republican in a conservative City Council race, this election is bearing out my previous blog post about Queens being "the Ohio of NYC." Looks like Queens went hard for Democrats this year, thus giving De Blasio a huge margin - and a real mandate for his agenda.

10:12 PM - More results in Howard Beach (District 32) race in: Simon is leading 54% to 46%. 

10:06 PM - Kenneth Thompson leading Charles Hynes in Brooklyn DA's race. 

10:01 PM - Some City Council results are coming in: closest race is in Howard Beach, with Republican Eric Ulrich and Lew Simon currently splitting the vote 50/50. This will be an interesting one. 

9:57 PM - Scott Stringer declaring victory as Comptroller-elect. 

9:46 PM - All NYS ballot initiatives are leading. 

9:45 PM - Republican Joe Lhota is conceding the race for mayor. Guess De Blasio is polishing his victory speech. 

9:35 PM - Tish James making her victory speech, declaring herself Public Advocate-Elect. No real results in but she had no Republican opponent. Becomes the first black woman elected to city-wide office. 

9:33 PM - With 1% of vote reporting, De Blasio leads Lhota 72%-27%. 

9:19 PM - On NY1 caller attributes De Blasio victory to Occupy Wall Street movement. 

9:10 PM - Uncontested city council races (in districts 1, 9, 21, 25, 26, 35) all won by Democrats. 

9:02 PM - NY Times publishes exit poll: De Blasio elected mayor. But real results not in yet so it ain't official (obviously).

9:00 PM - Polls have closed across the city. Game on! 

8:40 PM - It's election night in NYC! In 20 minutes the polls will close and results will start pouring in from around the city. This is an experiment: Mr NYC will blog election results as the races are called in real time. I'll try post as many as humanly possible. Off we go!

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