Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Memo from NYC

Today, everyone claims to be a nerd -- even some hot chicks. But if most people knew what being a nerd was really like, of what it entailed, they'd stop it immediately.

Nerds are not cool. If they were, they wouldn't be nerds.

To be a nerd is not a lifestyle choice. To be a nerd is a curse, a cruel sentence of rejection.

The old cliche of nerds as people who wear glasses and pocket protectors, who are interested in math and science, play video games, are big into science fiction fantasy and comic books, who do well in school and are masters of technology, who are "smart" -- that Weird Science 1980s version of nerds is as dead as Ronald Reagan.

Besides, that's not what being a nerd is about -- then or now.

To be a nerd is to be an outcast. And I don't mean a James Dean kind of outcast. I mean a real outcast. A loser. A reject. A leper. A nothing.

Nerds are people who know no one -- and who nobody knows. They have no friends. Their own families detest them. They are alone. Sad. Miserable. Boring. People hate them -- for no other reason than they exist. They are obnoxious, unlikeable, they posses no charm, they are social-sexual vacuums. They are ... ugh.

If you have a girlfriend, or boyfriend, or have any kind of social/sexual contact with other people, you are NOT a nerd.

If you are in band or are a member of a sports team or are accepted by any kind of group, you are NOT a nerd.

If you have money or wealth of any kind, you are NOT a nerd.

Nerds lead lives of total misery and quiet desperation. No one wants them. No one likes them. No one cares about them. They are nothing.

Most people aren't nerds. And, for that, they should be profoundly grateful.

Like everything in life, it all comes down to power. Nerds are people who have no power -- social, sexual, political, economic, etc. 

Nerds cannot conquer the world because that would mean they have power -- and they don't.

So for one who was born a nerd, who lived most of his life as a nerd, and who has struggled mightily to shed his nerddom, I beg ye all: stop claiming to be nerds!

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