Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"The Magic Garden"

Back when local TV still did children's shows, "The Magic Garden" was one of the most popular. Broadcast weekday afternoons on WPIX Channel 11 in NYC, it ran from 1972-1984.

It starred two cute ladies named Carole and Paula who sported totally awesome hairdos (having long ironed hair was very popular with women back then) and who wore bell bottoms and funky shirts. The set was a psychedelic, very trippy garden where Carole and Paula would sit on toadstools, alternatively singing songs and talking with dandelions and trees. While it was a show for kids, I would imagine that people smoking or ingesting various substances would have enjoyed this show too.

This is a classic bit of NYC, a piece of our city's lost past. Maybe things weren't so much better or innocent back then, but they sure were colorful -- and fun.

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