Saturday, April 24, 2010

Classic Mr NYC

There's a new show on HBO called Treme, about a neighborhood in New Orleans trying to pull itself up from the ravages of Hurricaine Katrina. It was created by David Simon, the genius behind the brilliant shows Homicide and The Wire. There have been two episodes of Treme so far, both really good, and it's looking like this will be another great show.

Last year I had a memorable weekend in New Orleans which I lovingly blogged about. So as a tribute to this new show, you can re-read about that trip here. And while I didn't make it to the real Treme last year, I certainly plan on visiting it next time I get to NOLA.


  1. As a New Orleanian, I read your previous post. It brought back memories of how the airlines made it near impossible for people to reach New Orleans. Now remember, tourism is the second leading money maker for Nola after the port. So not only were we destroyed, but our second largest industry was denied us for years. Enjoy the TV show. It gets New Orleans right.

  2. Sorry that NOLA got hit yet again but honored to have a New Orleanian reading this blog.


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