Wednesday, April 28, 2010

John Liu Iz Da Man

Last year Mr NYC endorsed John Liu for NYC Comptroller. Only one of three city-wide elected officials, the Comptroller is the city's chief fiscal officer whose job is to audit the city' government and manage its pension fund. Liu's candidacy and election was the only bright spot in an otherwise dull and unmemorable municipal race.

Well it appears that my vote was justified: Comptroller Liu just busted the Economic Development Corporation for hoarding over $125 million in secret accounts that it collected from taxes and fees. The city was doing everything it could to stonewall this audit and now you can see why: it didn't want to turn over this money to the city's general fund that would go to city services. Instead the city wanted the EDC to conceal this money so that it could go towards the city's development plans.

So, to put it blunty, the EDC was hiding this money to help developers and not the city's people. Outrageous.

This revelation just shows why it's so important to have checks and balances in government and, more importantly, the right people doing it. So good job Comptroller Liu, on behalf of all New Yorkers, thank you.

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