Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Keepin' the Yoga Real

A confession: Mr NYC is a yoga fan. Not a fanatic, I don't do it every day and say namaste to everyone I meet, but I do enjoy it and take classes about twice a week. It calms me down and Lord knows that's a good thing.

In the last decade or so, yoga has become something of a yuppie staple. And, like everything else, it's become commercialized what with hundred dollar mats and exercise clothes and super-expensive instructors. Not exactly chill.

But true, mellow yoga fans are fighting back! (As much as mellow people can fight.) Yoga to the People is a come one, come all, totally stripped down, back-to-basics yoga studio in the East Village that does yoga the way it should be: simply. There's a great article about it that gives you a sense of what yoga does, where it's gone, and where Yoga to the People is trying to pull it back.

Check 'em both out and see what you think. Namaste.

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