Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New York's Princess

Last year I blogged about Amanda Burden, the city's planning commissioner. Well today Vanity Fair did the most-flattering of flattering profiles of her called Princess of the City. It's worth a read to find out more about the lady who's literrally re-shaping the face of our city.

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  1. Dear Mr. NYC--I am old enough to remember ca. 1964 when Amanda Mortimer married Carter Burden who at Columbia Law at the time but projected to have a great political career that never quite materialized. Her stepfather was William S. Paley and for a wedding present he and her mother--a very prominent "society woman" known as "Babe" gave them an apartment in the Dakota. Their lives were the subject of a big spread in (I think) Vogue entitled "The Young, Joyous Life" that may friends and I obsessed over for weeks.

    To show how times have changed, she dropped out of Wellesley to marry CB--hard to imagine that happening now. Why to I remember all this!



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