Sunday, July 18, 2010

Remember Ally Sheedy?

In the 1980s, native New Yorker Ally Sheedy was something of a movie star -- her big hits were War Games and The Breakfast Club which have become cult classics (The Breakfast Club is probably the best movie about teenagers ever made; War Games was party responsible for President Reagan launching the SDI initiative, I kid you not). Her career slowed down after that although she was in a really good movie in the late 1990s called High Art. Now she's in a new movie called Life During Wartime by Todd Solondz, the guy who made Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness (two of the sickest, funniest movies I've ever seen). Hopefully this will be the start of an Ally Sheedy comeback.

There's a profile of her in today's Daily News about her childhood and life in New York. She's one of these actors who not only lives in the city but is of the city. Very cool.

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