Monday, July 19, 2010

Wanna be a Mayoral Intern?

Then you better be the son or daughter of someone very rich or very politically connected.

The offspring of ordinary people have no shot at getting one of those coveted internships.

Yes, that friend of the common man, that champion of the working stiffs, billionaire Mayor Mike Bloomberg does not want their offspring muddying the hallowed halls of his city hall. Instead, only the children of the rich and powerful are allowed to intern there.

Now this isn't unusual. Very often the children of big contributors or personal friends of politicians get these internships. But supposedly Mayor Bloomberg is "above" politics, "above" the rotten quid-pro-quo of political dealmaking. He's the anti-politician, or so he likes to tell us. He doesn't do business as usual.

What a fraud.

It most certainly is business as usual when it comes to this kind of thing. Internships are supposed to be merit-based honors that go to young people who want to learn more about how their government works. In turns out, of course, that they're a patronage mill for the children of people who already know how their government works (wink wink) so that these kids can grow up to become the exact same kind of people. And in Bloomberg land, in this case, that's just politics as usual.


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  1. I expect this sort of elitism in the UK, if you haven't attended either Oxford or Cambridge then you ain't working in high office. Sorry to hear that this type of crap is affecting the U.S too.


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