Saturday, July 10, 2010


So sorry for not blogging this last week, the life and times of Mr NYC have been busy -- not necessarily so interesting that it's worth blogging about, but busy. That's my first update.

The second update is that this past week has also been one of the hottest in New York City history. New Yorkers everywhere have been boiling and wilting under the strain of multiple days with 100+ degree humidity and heat. This weekend we're having a veritable cold front -- it's only in the 80s. But next week it's back to the 90s -- ouch.

And if New Yorkers weren't suffering enough from the heat, we got the double-whammy this week when the news broke about someone who will NOT be moving to NYC anytime soon -- LeBron James. The Cleveland basketball wiz kid declined to join our Knicks and is headed to Miami instead. New Yorkers are gnashing their teeth and bemoaning their bad fortune, sad that prince charming has slipped through their fingers and won't be taking us to the NBA ball. Adding to insult to injury, the coach in Miami that LeBron will be playing under is non other than Pat Riley -- the man who led the Knicks in their glory years. Double--ouch.

According to some, this is a lost generation for the Knicks who have become the black sheep of NYC sports. Think about it. This is an era when the greatest city in the world -- which is also the greatest sports city in America -- has had some amazing teams: the dominant and domineering Yankees, the formidable Giants, the ever striving Mets and Jets. They have either won or come close to winning championships but the Knicks ... they've just fallen through the floor. LeBron was to be our ticket out but sadly it was not to be. But hopefully the Knicks will learn that perhaps a star player isn't the way to victory -- it's building a great team.

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