Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bye Bye Bob

Last year the NYC political establishment was rocked when a Republican named Bob Turner won a special congressional election to fill a formerly Democratic seat. Turner was a 71 year-old retired cable executive who basically had nothing else to do and couldn't find another job so, when this seat opened up, he ran and won (his Democratic opponent was a moron), thus establishing Turner as a new GOP star.

And now his star has flamed out.

Last month he ran in the Republican senate primary and lost badly. His congressional seat was carved up via redistricting and he no longer had a viable way to remain in congress. So, at the end of this year, he will be out of a congress and probably out of a job. And NYC will thankfully be rid a noxious right-wing congressman. 

As Machiavelli wrote, power gotten through luck is the easiest to get and the hardest to keep.

So long Bob. You won't be missed. 

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