Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Girls" and "Mad Men": Where do they hang in NYC?

Are you a fan of these two great cable series? 

Yours truly is, and they are really are two great NYC shows. They couldn't be more different. 

"Mad Men" is a period piece, set in a glamorous Manhattan of a 1960s advertising agency. The characters hang out in beautiful apartments, swanky bars, and go have affairs in classy hotels. "Girls", on the other hand, is modern day show set in hipster Brooklyn. It involves a bunch of over educated, underemployed twenty-somethings suddenly discovering that they're not that special over all -- and they spend their time doing this while living in crappy apartments in Brooklyn, going to coffee bars, and warehouse parties. 

One city, two very different worlds.

So if you want to see the NYC worlds that the characters of "Mad Men" and "Girls" inhabit, go here and here for these two maps. And see the city yet again through some fictional but nonetheless fascinating eyes. 

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