Monday, July 30, 2012

Topless NYC

My previous post about New Yorkers of mystery included some info about a woman who is a topless advocate in NYC. She goes around town without a shirt, drawing attention (to say the least) to the fact that New York ladies can bare their breasts in public.

A true heroine of our age.

Anyway, my post prompted a comment from someone praising Ms. Johnston and indicating that on August 26th there will be a "topless freedom rally" in our fair city at Bryant Park from 12-3 PM. 

Yes, if you so choose, you may go and become a freedom fighter for breasts. Perhaps, even, the media will "cover" this rally and you could be on TV!

Will Mr NYC be there? Hmmmmm ....

Of course some of the more conservative elements in this town won't like this. "What are we? New Orleans?" they might cry. 

But New York is the place to do this. Fighting for freedom is in our history and our DNA. This is a city where we rallied for workers rights, for civil rights, against the Vietnam and Iraq wars, for freedom of all sorts. 

So why not boobs? 

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