Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet the Brooklyn Jewish Sarah Palin

But maybe that's not being fair to the former half-term governor of Alaska.

There's a 22-year old recent college graduate running for the New York state senate in Brooklyn. She is, to say the least, interesting.

Her name is Mindy Meyer and she's wants to be in the New York state senate because ... well, why not? After all, it's not easy for recent college grads to get jobs these days, so why not run for office?

Mindy has many great plans for her district, including hiring a guy from the TV show White Collar -- not the actor but the actual fictional character -- to help her do stuff. As for who the governor of our fair state is, Mindy is not apparently very familiar with who he is.

She's quite the phrasemaker too. Mindy is, by her reckoning, a "magenta yenta" whose campaign is "divalicious." Her website is pink and, according to her, "blinged out."

Who knows? Maybe she'll win. These days, being colorful is more important for a politician than being, ya' know smart. 

If not, I guess a reality show and Playboy shoot could be in her future. 

Oh, and she's a Republican. And considering how degraded and vile the GOP has become, she fits right in. 

On to November!

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