Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Classic Mr NYC

Happy New Year!

Tonight we ring in 2009 and bid 2008 a well-deserved adieu. As usual, a million or so people will huddle in Times Square tonight, risking hypothermia to watch the ball plunk down into the new year.

Presiding over this event, as always, is Mayor Mike Bloomberg. (Sadly it will be only confetti raining down on the crowds and not dollar bills falling out of our billionaire mayor's pockets.) His special guests tonight will be former our President, and our soon-to-be former Senator, Bill and Hillary Clinton. The three of them huddling together should be quite a sight.

As this little blog enters its third year, I went back to see what I wrote about on this date in 2007. Interestingly it was about our Mike planning to run for president. I had speculated about the possibility of a Subway Series Presidential Race -- Mike vs. Rudy vs. Hillary. Well, none of them made it, as we know. Rudy is back making money and licking his wounds, Hillary's wounds are licked and she's headed off to run the State Department, and Mike is gearing up to run for Mayor yet again.

Mike was twice elected as a Republican but now he's an Independent who is governing and plans to run again as a Democrat in everything but name only (although who knows, maybe he'll run as a Democrat now). He's hired almost all Democrats to run his next campaign. He's more liberal than most Democrats even dare to be. The Times quite rightly calls him a political chameleon.

I gotta hand it to this guy. He plays all sides beautifully. Besides the West Side Stadium and congestion pricing, this cat gets almost everything he wants. He's got the touch. No wonder he's a multi-billionaire. Kudos Mike.


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