Saturday, December 27, 2008

Elmos on the Loose!

Yesterday we were strolling around Rockefeller Center (more like wading through the crowd, actually) when what caught my eye but ... Elmo! Right on the end of the block where the giant Christmas tree stands, the cuddly furry red monster was waiving to passersby and hugging and taking pictures with little children.

At the end of the block, turning north onto 6th Avenue, we then came upon ... another Elmo! Ditto with the waiving and taking pictures with kids. Standing right next to him was a very thin looking Cookie Monster too, looking a little shy as two kids hugged him tight.

And then up the block, crossing right across from Radio City Music Hall ... yet another Elmo! He was getting crushed in the crowd but looked happy nonetheless.

Elmo, Elmo, and Elmo. Who knew there was more than one? Perhaps it was an Elmo family outing.

So if people ask you what, amongst other things, makes NYC such a great place at Christmas time, tell them that you can see real live Elmos (three of them!) right on the street and not, you know, in a mall.


  1. Yeah... well call the Henson lawyers and you will see zero Elmos! Ha!

  2. That makes me wish I was out in the city with my 3 under-5 nieces to witness that...

  3. Todd - I think these were Henson-approved Elmos.

    Zen - they would have loved it!


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