Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Coup Crap

So this GOP power grab in the New York State Senate is still making news. This is really a comedy-tragedy, a hypocritical circus that shows you how ridiculous and depraved politics in this state has become -- and how our politicians have the tinniest of tin ears.

First, the indicated assaulter Hiram Monserrate, one of the traitorous Democrats who helped the Republicans engineer this coup, said this afternoon “I made a bold decision to support change and reform, but I also understand that that change and reform is only effective when we ensure participation by both parties ...”

Let's get this straight: this criminal is advocating reform and, after throwing the political balance in this state into disarray, is calling for unity? He's got some balls! I guess when you're a psychopath like this guy clearly is, being a hypocrite is no big deal. I'm sure he sleeps well at night though.

But Hiram is small change compared to this Pedro Espada guy. This other great "reformer" is the epitome of how corrupt and foul Albany is. Jim Dwyer in the New York Times today writes about how Espada has literally stolen food from poor people to give to his cronies, has been fined over $60,000 for campaign violations, and doesn't even live in the Bronx district he's suppose to represent! He doesn't even have an office in his own district!

And now he's the new State Senate President! That means if Paterson leaves the state or has a heart attack or something, this sleaze is the Governor!

Wow. You can't make this stuff up.

If you ever saw that great show The Wire, you might remember the corrupt Senator Clay Davis. But truth is stranger than fiction and these two real life corrupt State Senators make the fictional Clay Davis look like a Boy Scout. At least Clay Davis was entertaining and wickedly smart -- these guys are just pure, miserable slime and, if you just hear what they say, are freaking stupid as well.

It's a shame that the greatest city in the world is forced to reside in one of the scummiest states in this fine Union. **Sigh**

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