Monday, June 15, 2009

No More Virgins in NYC

The last big retail music store in town closed yesterday -- the Virgin Megastore in Union Square (the big store in Times Square closed not so long ago).

This really is the end of an era.

All the big-time music stores -- the Virgins, the HMVs, the Tower Records, etc. -- are all gone now. The huge, multi-level stores where you could walk around, browse music and movies, discover new music, or just kill time with friends or alone are no more and, with the exception of Barnes and Noble and Borders (which are dwindling as well), there are fewer and fewer public "media" centers for New Yorkers. Now everything is online. More convenient, maybe, but less communal.

Personally I never loved these huge stores -- the music was always blasting and I could never find the music that I wanted to listen too. Still, it was nice to have them and, speaking for all New Yorkers, I know they'll be missed.

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  1. I met George Michael in that store *sigh*


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