Sunday, June 7, 2009

NYC Law Firm Blues

If you want another piece of evidence to throw onto the pile that the economy is hemorrhaging, just read this article about what's going on at the top law firms in this town. They are shedding lawyers by the hundred -- and not just the young associates fresh out of the various legal mills, but well established partners, some of whom make well over a million dollars a years. Ouch.

It used to be that if you graduated from a top notch law school and worked hard, employment and riches where yours for the asking for the rest of your life. No longer. Lawyers are as vulnerable to the economic maelstrom as everyone else.

Needless to say this will make many non-lawyers quite happy. Unemployed lawyers? It's about down time! Make them work for a living! Ha ha.

And as a non-lawyer, I can understand the sentiment -- to a point. As someone who has family and friends in the legal profession, including some of the big time firms, I can't help feeling bad about this and a little scared. I don't anyone anywhere ever to lose a job. It's a nightmare. S

So I wish lawyers and non-lawyers alike all the best luck in keeping their heads above this economic quicksand. Peace.

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