Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nice guys finish ... if they become bad

If you ever wanted proof that chicks in this town dig "bad boys" and not "nice guys," you gotta read this brilliant column in today's New York Press. It shows you what a Darwinian adventure the mating game in NYC is, and that the thing women are most attracted to is strength. Being "nice" or "considerate" or "sweet" gets guys nowhere with New York women. Our women are tough, tough broads, and you better be tough if you wanna score with them. Like all New Yorkers, our dames don't have patience for wasting time or indecisiveness. You better step up ... or get outta their way.

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  1. I have an aversion to the term "bad boy" but it's true, inanely nice guys are a turn off. Tough guys who know when to be respectful? That's a turn on...


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