Monday, February 9, 2009

What are New Yorkers Thinking About?

In Mr NYC's never ending quest to keep its cyber-finger on the metaphorical pulse of this city, I think the news events of today are a perfect example of how New York is a never ending melange of highs, lows, worries, and revelations. Every day, various emotions and thoughts mingle and diverge and course through our hearts, brains, and souls making us alternatively happy, sad, nervous, and sometimes just saying "What?" To wit:

A Key for ‘Captain Cool’ and the 1549 Crew The triumph of the human spirit. Who knew anything so beautiful could literally come out of the Hudson River?

Rodriguez Admits Using Drug to Enhance Performance A-Rod's been a naughty boy. Needless to say, he's gonna have to go through the public apology, public redemption routine. Ugh.

Freakoutonomics This is how the recession is eating away at our city's economic, "death by a thousand cutbacks" as the article says.

A One-Man Immigration Protest on 72nd Street Huh?

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