Sunday, February 15, 2009

Presidents and NYC

As President Obama works towards achieving some of his goals during his first 100 days, the New-York Historical Society has a small but interesting exhibit on President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first 100 days of implementing the New Deal. In this era of partisan bickering and gridlock, it's amazing to see how much FDR and the Congress accomplished in only a few short months in 1933.

Also on the same floor is a tiny exhibit about George Washington's Inaugural in 1789 at the Federal Hall. It includes a May 1, 1789 newspaper article reporting on the event.

Here's a quick trivia question: how many presidents have taken the oath of office in NYC? Answer: two.

1. George Washington (obviously) on April 30, 1789 at Federal Hall.

2. Chester A. Arthur at 123 Lexington Avenue (his home at the time) on September 20, 1881. President James Garfield had been shot by an assassin some time before and, a
fter a protracted illness, died on this date. Vice-President Arthur assumed the presidency and served until 1885.

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