Thursday, February 26, 2009

What do you do ...

... when you have so much to write about? Thoughts are swirling in my brain, even more is going on in the city I love ... how to encapsulate it all? Ah, that's why the computer Gods invented bullet points!

  • Big news today: Mayor Plans to Close Parts of Broadway to Traffic. The city says this is an experiment. The laboratories are parts of Times Square and Herald Square. As a lover of walking, this is great news. My concern: the re-routed traffic will create huge congestion problems and a giant cluster-F of cars elsewhere.
  • Ed Koch is getting ready to die. Seriously, he's throwing going away parties for himself. "How'm I doin'?" I guess ... not well. I don't worry for Ed though. I have a feeling the ex-mayor will bury us all.
  • Apparently we New Yorkers are HORNY. I mean like ... REALLY HORNY. I mean like REALLY REALLY HORNY. I mean like REALLY REALLY REALLY HORNY. I mean like ... WEIRD HORNY.
God I love this town ...

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