Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Long Liz ...

Liz Smith Bids City’s Tabloids Goodbye

As of Thursday, her column will no longer run in any New York City paper. The New York Post is dropping her, yet another victim of a nasty economy and dying newspaper business.

Liz Smith is a New York institution. A Texas girl who found her calling in our fair city, she's probably the greatest gossip columnist in this city's history. A pal of the powerful, a foe to the phony, a great big glamorous gal, Liz has been dishing the dishy-ish dish in town for over fifty years. No one has ever had a more perceptive finger on the pulse of celebrity culture in this city like her. Not being able to open a tabloid and see Liz Smith's mug and being able to read her scoops is truly sad indeed.

But she'll still be available online. Check her out at wowowow.

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